– Summer 2016 IEP 042.01 READING & VOCABULARY 4 BOOKS

IEP 042.01 READING & VOCABULARY 4 – Summer 2016
Instructor: Yvette Leland
Classroom: IB1308
Office hours: By appointment
Please buy these books TODAY at our bookstore on campus. You have homework tonight, and
you have a test next week. Don't order them from the internet, because you WON'T have them in time.
Interactions 2, Reading 6th Edition
by Pamela Hartmann and Elaine Kirn OR BOOK A B Summer/Winter
World Folktales
Publisher: Penguin
 REQUIRED MATERIALS: Please bring these things to class every day:
8 ½ X 11 3-hole, loose-leaf paper
Pen or pencil and eraser
At least one highlighter and differently-colored pen
Your textbooks( You will need these (asap)=as soon as possible)
1. Come to class on time every day
4. 3 lates =1 absence
2. Contribute to class and small group
5. Study for tests
3. Complete homework on time
6. Have a good attitude! 
1. Learn the following reading techniques: pre-reading, skimming, scanning, and guessing word
meaning from context.
2. Use “critical thinking” skills to analyze readings & make inferences.
3. Improve reading speed and comprehension.
4. Use level 4 vocabulary with 75% accuracy.
5. Read a variety of reading materials, such as fiction, non-fiction, and newspaper articles.
6. Write timed short answers in class based on readings.
1.) Tests: You will have unit tests, based on the readings and vocabulary from the book. These tests
will include reading passages and vocabulary questions. **There are NO test makeups.
2.) Quizzes: You will have weekly quizzes on the assigned reading. These will be averaged with your
test grades.
3.) Homework:
a.) Vocabulary Logs: 2 per chapter. We will discuss due dates when we look at the
course schedule.
b.) Other Homework: The teacher will assign other homework from the book, as well.
 GRADES: Your grade for this class will be based on the following:
 Tests
 Quizzes and Vocabulary logs
 Classwork, homework attendance, Participation
 Final Exam
July 4 Monday Independence Day
August 18 Closing Celebration
IEP Rules: It is your responsibility to know and follow the rules in the IEP
Handbook https://ip.northseattle.edu/intensive-english-program .
IEP Attendance Policy:
3 absences: Warning notice
6 absences: You will fail the class, but you must continue attending to avoid being dismissed from
9 absences: Your I-20 is terminated and you are dismissed from NSC for 1 year.
3 Tardies (late to class or from break) = 1 absence
Note: If you are 30 minutes or more late to class or leave class 30 minutes or more early, you will
receive an absence for the day.
Moving to the Next Level: Students must pass both grammar/writing and reading/vocabulary classes
to move up a level in both classes. If they fail either class, they must repeat both classes in the next
IEP Failure to Make Academic Progress Policy:
According to U.S. F-1 visa rules students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress will be
dismissed from the program and will need to transfer to a different school or leave the U.S. They will
be considered out of status by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “Failing to make
satisfactory progress” means the following:
 You have failed one class two times.
 You did not attend a class regularly (see attendance policy).
Cheating/plagiarism is when you copy or memorize ideas or text from a friend, relative, or classmate
or from a book, magazine, newspaper, live/recorded lecture or the Internet and pretend it is your own
work. It is also cheating if you use work you did for a previous class. It is easily discovered and will
result with failure on the assignment and potentially failing the course. It can also result in failure and
dismissal from the program. With all of your school work, both the choice of words and the
grammatical structure must be your own.
I am very happy to have you in my class and help you improve your English.
Please come to me if you have any questions or need any extra help.