IBN 311: Int’l Business Law (Pau)
REVISED READING SCHEDULE (as of February 15, 2014)
Week 7 (February 20): Note: Midterm held this week at the beginning of class.
How do you pay for goods internationally? How can you be confident that you will get the goods you paid for?
Alternatively, how do get paid once you have shipped goods overseas? What role do banks play, and what are
their responsibilities? What is a letter of credit?
Chapter 7: Bank Collections, Trade Finance, and Letters of Credit
(note: we will skip Chapter 6)
Week 8 (February 27):
What special laws regulate relationships in international commerce, for example, a firm’s relationship with a
sales representative working abroad? When it comes to advertising abroad, what issues should you be aware
of? What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and how might it affect your business relationships?
Chapter 16: International Marketing Law: Sales Representatives, Advertising, and Ethical Issues
(note: we will skip Chapters 8-15)
Guest Speaker: on legal considerations regarding business with China
Week 9 (March 6):
What is a license versus an ownership right? What are IPRs (intellectual property rights), how are they
transferred, and what are the mechanics of a transfer? How are IPRs enforced internationally? Why is this
area growing so rapidly, and what are the concerns for U.S. companies in a global business environment?
● Chapter 17: Licensing Agreements and the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Week 10 (March 13):
What are some of the basic approaches to labor law internationally? What factors might affect a firm’s ability
to dismiss an employee? What are the basic principles of employment anti-discrimination laws, both in the
U.S. and abroad? What other laws commonly regulate working conditions?
● Chapter 19: Labor and Employment Discrimination Law
(note: we will skip Chapter 18)
Week 11 (March 20):
Final Exam Details to be announced.