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Labateyah – Spring 2014
July 24, 2014 - 7-8PM
Computer Skill Basics & Applications
Lesson 23&24&25 Week 25 – Web Page – Team Building – Web Research “Get Online”
Due: 7/31
Tonight you can downloaded in digital format from –
Web Project Construction Web Page to View - http://labateyahuiatf.wix.com/lifequest
How you would improve this site to make our own stories integrate into the site?
1. Open a Word Document. Name (Save As) the document to your desktop. Answer the questions below from
the website: http://www.seattle.gov/community-technology/for-everyone/get-online-seattle
Choose an Internship Program – Post the link here:
How do you apply?
When is the Application Due?
Choose a 3 Jobs Resource List – Post the links here:
For Career Builder.com, do you have to sign up for an account? Monster.com? Careers.wa.gov? King County Jobs?
What does your Online Presence mean?
Can you find an Online Privacy Policy? What dose “Online Privacy Policy” mean?
What should you do before you post? Finish the sentence below – fill in the blank.
__________before you post?
What is a good online service way to Network professionally?
If you complete this before the end of the session work please let me know and we can talk about what you will do to
use this information on our website.
NOTE *email me a copy of this anything you complete seanatnorth@gmail.com.
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