The Harlem Renaissance

ENGL&101 – English Composition I (Online) – The Harlem Renaissance
Week 11 Reading Response
This response asks you to reflect on the poems your read this week. Please choose ONE of the
poems and answer the following three questions. For questions, 2 & 3 make sure to quote at
least one line from the poem.
Write the name of the poem here: ____________________________________________
1. What is the identity of the person speaking in the poem? Use your imagination, as well as
the details in the poem, to describe this person. Think about race, gender, age, class, etc.
HINT: Don’t be limited by the identity of the poet! Be as specific as you can. Use about
50-80 words and at least two sentences.
2. What image or images stand out to you in the poem? Why?
3. All four poems make arguments, or statements, about the Harlem Renaissance and the
kinds of people involved in it. What is one argument your poem makes?