Math 146 - Introductory Statistics – Fall 2014

Math 146 - Introductory Statistics – Fall 2014
Assignment (5 pts)
Due Friday (9/26/14):
Send an email to me at the address supplied on the class syllabus. Please “cc” yourself so you
will have other students’ names/addresses for future reference.
In your email please respond to the following:
i) Give the name of two other students in Math 146.
ii) What are the email addresses of the students named above?
iii) What is something you like about Math?
iv) What is something you dislike about Math?
v) What approach do you feel is a good way to learn math?
(For example, do you prefer lots of test? Lots of homework? Lots of drills? Working alone?
Working in groups? No homework? No tests?)
Basically --- what sort of learning approach works for you?
vi) Log on to the class website (provided in syllabus) – let me know whether you were
successful or not in accessing the website. (What files are present?)