College Reading 6 Exam-Different Words, Different Worlds Spring Quarter 2016

College Reading 6 Exam-Different Words, Different Worlds
Spring Quarter 2016
Instructor: Richard Alishio
Directions: Look at the following list of words. If you think the word describes mostly feminine traits,
write an “F” above it. If you think it describes mostly masculine traits, write an “M” above it.
True or False
1. Women are more focused on status, whereas men are more focused on teamwork T F
2. Generally, women talk to establish a bond with others, while men talk to inform others. T F
3. Asymmetric communication occurs when both speakers are sharing equally in a non-hierarchical
manner T F
4. Intimacy means people are close and the same, while independence means people are separate
and different. T F
5. A man is more likely to react to expressions of sympathy by acknowledging the support and
sharing his own feelings. T F
6. The differences in how men and women communicate can be reasonably compared to how
people from different cultures communicate T F
7. According to Tannen, American “political discourse and the assumption that it must be
agonistic” is a false premise. T F
8. Women lawyers are more likely to be successful if they engage in “grilling and attacking” their
opponents. T F
9. Attack-dog journalism is the current mode by which American reporters do their job, but it is
watch-dog journalism that Tannen believes would be better (and more women-friendly). T F
10. Offers of sympathy are paradoxical because on the one hand, they indicate an emotional
awareness of and connection to the recipient of the sympathy, but on the other hand, they
create a superior position for the person showing the sympathy T F