Verb Review GW 4 Grammar Final Exam FINAL EXAM Write

GW 4 Grammar Final Exam
Name: ________________________
100 points
Part I Verb Review
/42 points
Write the correct verb tense (all of the verbs we have studied will be used) including
simple tenses, progressives, present perfect/ past perfect (and progressive), future
tense, OR gerund / infinitives.
NOTE: Points will be taken off for incorrect spelling/ incorrect adverb placement
Right now we (1. work) ____________________________ on our final exam, however I (2. feel)
______________________ a little tired because last night I (3. get/ not) _________________________
much sleep. Here is what (4. happen) __________________________________:
While I was walking home from school yesterday, I (5. think) __________________________
about what we (6. do)
in our grammar classes for the past two months. I
kept (7. try) (8. remember) _______________________
____________________________ the
irregular verbs, the passive voice, the modals… Wow! I (8.think) ________________________ to myself!
We (9. learn/ really) _________________________________ so much since the winter quarter (10.
begin) _________________________!
My plan was to go home and (11. look over) ___________________________ all of my notes and
then study for several hours, but all of a sudden I (12. become) ___________________________ really
hungry. So, I (13. decide) (14. eat) _________________________
before I started (15. review) _________________________. As soon as I (16. get) ________________
home, I (17. go) ___________________________ into the kitchen (18. make) ____________________
something to eat, but I (19. find out) ________________________that there (20. be) ______________
nothing in the refrigerator! My roommate (21. eat)
all of the food!
My stomach started (22. growl) ______________________________ because I (23. have, not)
____________________any lunch. Oh no! Consequently, I had to go back out again to the supermarket.
I (24. go) (25. shop) __________________________
______________________ some sandwich stuff.
_________________________ and (26. buy)
By the time I (27. arrive) ____________________________ back home, another hour (28. pass/
Anyway, I (29. make) ________________________ a sandwich and (30.
start/ finally) ________________________ to eat.
A few minutes (31. pass)
__________________when suddenly I (32. hear) ______________ a
knock on the door! I opened it and there was my friend who had come over to visit me! He asked,
(33. finish/ not) “______________________ you _______________________ studying yet?” Ha-ha!
I (34. explain/ quickly) ______________________________________ to him that I needed (35. keep)
_________________ reviewing, so luckily he (36. understand) _____________________ and (37. leave)
At last! I (38. open/ finally) ____________________________ my grammar book to study.
Unfortunately, because I (39. just/ eat)
sleepy. I think that I (41. study)
____________________I (40. feel) ________________ really
for only a few minutes when my eyes closed, and I
(42. fall) __________________________asleep on my book!
In the end, I (43. sleep) ________________________________ all night and (44. wake up/ never)
___________________________________ until the morning!
So that is my story 
Now, however, I (45. look at) ________________________________ the exam, and I think that
this test actually (46. look/ not) ___________________________________ so difficult. Yay! It (47. seem)
______________________________ like everything that we (48. practice)
for the past couple of months is included. I think I finally do understand all this stuff!
When I receive my final scores though, I (49. laugh) __________________________________ or
(50. cry) __________________________, depending on the grade!
Part II
Focus on Gerunds / Infinitives
/ 10 points
Write the correct form of the verb in the blank.
Busy Baking Cakes
I had a really cute conversation recently with a
little 6 year-old girl named Sasha. From (example talk)
with her, I found out that when
she grows up, she is interested in (1. become)
_____________ a businesswoman and (2. have)
______________________ her own designer cupcake
She imagines (3. spend) _______________ her work days supervising the making
of miniature cakes. (4. invent) ______________________ delicious new recipes and
(5. taste) ___________________ unique flavors would be a fun part of her job.
She hopes to become famous for not only (6. bake) ________________ , but also
(7. market) ___________________. In fact, Sasha plans (8. have) _________________
folks come to the cupcake factory to take tours.
Sasha would even allow visitors (9. bake) ______________ their own cakes. I think
this is a fabulous dream job and her ideas would be very popular!
Who would object to (10. have) ______________________ Sasha’s cupcake factory in
their neighborhood? Not me!
Part III
Adjective Clauses
/ 10 points
Complete the sentences with a relative clause word
Use: who/ that/ whom/ which/ where/when/ whose
1. The Native Americans _________________ lived in the
Pacific Northwest used giant trees to make beautiful art.
2. The art _____________________________ these people
made are called ‘totem ‘poles’.
3. It is easy to recognize many of the animals
_______________________ are carved on the totems.
4. Beavers, ___________________ are animals commonly
found in the Northwest, are easy to identify on totems.
5. Totems were created during a time ___________________
not many white people lived in the Pacific Northwest.
6. Chief Sealth, for ____________________ the city of Seattle
is named, was one of the most important leaders of the Native Americans in the
7. Many Native Americans, _______________________ homelands are located around
the Seattle area, still carve totem poles.
8. Pioneer Square, _________________________ is located
in downtown Seattle, has some beautiful examples of
totem pole art.
9. Skilled carvers (people), _____________________ were
considered specialists, created totem poles for the
10. The Seattle Art Museum is a place _________________
you can find a lot of historical information about the
native tribes that lived in this area.
Part IV
Adjective Clauses in Sentences
/ 10 points
Combine the following pairs of sentences to make adjective clauses.
Use the second sentence to form the adjective clause.
Do not change the meaning or the verb tenses, and change the first sentence as little
as possible.
Note: Use commas if the clause is “extra information.”
There are many kinds of animals. The animals can
be seen on the totems.
2. The totem poles tell stories. You can find the totem
poles in the Pacific Northwest.
3. Seattle is one of the largest cities in the United States. The city is named after a
Native American.
4. Cedar wood is very durable. Skilled carvers used cedar for the totems.
5. Seattle is named for Chief Sealth. Chief Sealth’s tribe lived on Bainbridge Island.
Part V
/ 10 points
Circle the answer that best completes the sentence.
We’re going to be late. We
a. should
b. shouldn’t be c. should have
B: It
. The streets were icy this morning.
a. could have
b. had to have
c. gone
d. went
B: They
. Everyone who visits Seattle sees the Space Needle.
a. could have
b. may have
c. might have
d. must have
A: Are you going to go to the party next weekend?
go after I finish work, but it depends on how tired I am.
b. have to
That’s impossible! Anne
a. might not
c. had better
d. should
have known about her surprise party.
b. ought not to
Jack is really unhappy at work. He
a. has look
anyway. I got sick.
b. go
a. might
d. ought to have been
A: Did your friends see the Space Needle on their vacation?
B: I
c. had to have been
A: I’m sorry I had to cancel our date.
a. been go
d. shouldn’t have
A: Was it cold last night?
B: Oh, I couldn't have
left 20 minutes ago.
c. couldn’t
d. shouldn’t
for another job.
b. has to looking
take an umbrella. It isn’t going to rain.
c. have to look
d. ought to look
a. don’t have to
b. have to
c. must not
d. must not to
A: Are the neighbors at home?
B: They
. None of the lights are on.
a. could
b. could be
writing my essay last night because I am too tired now.
a. should have finished
Part VI
c. can’t
b. should finish
d. can’t be
c. couldn’t finished
The Passive Voice
d. can’t finish
/ 5 points
Read the sentences and decide if they are active or passive. If a sentence is active,
write an “A” on the line. If a sentence is passive, write “P" on the line.
_____ 1. The dinosaurs could have been killed by a meteor.
_____ 2. Hybrid cars are powered by gasoline and batteries.
_____ 3. The pyramids must have been built with slave labor.
_____ 4. Scientists have been searching for a cure.
_____ 5. My job interview is going to be scheduled for next week.
B. Directions: Write active and passive sentences. Use “they” in active sentences when
you don’t know the subject. The first one is done for you as an example.
/ 10 points
Example. (active) The teacher reviews the grammar points every day.
The grammar points are reviewed every day by the teacher.
1. (active)
2. (active)
Rice has been grown in Asia for centuries.
The students are studying the textbooks carefully.
3. (active)
Each year, lightning kills many people .
4. (active)
5. (active)
The class had to be divided into two sections because it was so large.
They can’t grow rice in the desert without irrigation.
Part V
Conditional Sentences
Circle the letter that best answers the question.
A: Why won’t you come to the movies with us this afternoon?
B: If I go to the movies with you,
all the work I have to do.
a. I wish I had finished
b. I won’t finish
c. I mustn’t have finished
d. I wouldn’t finish
A: I didn’t want to come to school today.
B: If you hadn’t come, you
missed the test.
a. would have
b. had
c. hadn’t
d. must have
A: Cindy is tired of walking to work.
B: If she got a car, she
to drive there.
a. would have
b. would be able
c. could be able
d. will be able
A: If we
to Hong Kong next year, will you come with us?
B: I’d love to go with you.
a. go
b. went
c. are going
d. had gone
/ 5points
A: Why didn’t you have a good time on your vacation?
B: The weather was bad. If the weather
nice, we
a better time.
a. were … would have
b. had been … would have had
c. hadn’t been .. . would have had
d. were … had had
8. Conditional Sentences
/8 points
Directions: Combine the sentences.
Keep the same order and begin the first clause with “if”.
Include commas if needed.
1. I practice. I learn the concepts better. Present real conditionals
2. I talk with other students. I make new friends. Present real conditional
3. I practice. I don’t understand conditionals. Future real conditional
4. I practice writing. I improve my writing skills.
Future real conditional
5. I earn more money. I go to Europe. Present/future unreal conditional
6. I win the lottery. I buy a big house. Present/future unreal conditional
7. I have a vacation quarter. I go home to visit my family. Past unreal conditional
8. I stay in my home country. I don’t experience American culture. Past unreal conditional