GW 3 In – Class writing #3 Directions:

GW 3 In – Class writing #3
Choose 1 topic to write on!
1) Write a time order paragraph telling how you celebrated 1 important holiday with
your family or friends. (EX: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas) NOT NEW
2) Write an order of importance paragraph on the advantages of learning English in
an English- speaking country like the United States.
Step 1: Brainstorm ideas
Step 2: Organize your ideas
Step 3: Begin your paragraph with a topic sentence that has a clear topic and controlling idea that
is directly related to a prompt given above.
Step 4: Use simple and compound sentences, and at least 2 complex sentences and punctuate
correctly! Add details and examples – should have 8-10 sentneces.
Step 5: Check your grammar!!!