Geology 115/History 150 Name: surface water


Geology 115/History 150 Name:

Assignment 4: Streams and floods

Due Tuesday, April 26

There are a lot of terms when describing surface water. Compare and contrast the following (in thirty words or less): stream network vs. drainage (watershed, catchment basin)

tributary vs. distributary stream velocity vs. discharge

braided stream vs. meandering stream stream profile vs. stream gradient

cut bank vs. point bar

alluvium vs. floodplain

What is an antecedent stream? How does it help tell the geologic history of an area that has been uplifted? Describe, succinctly, the geologic story of the

Columbia River and the repeated flows of the Columbia River Basalts, told at

Fieldtrip-Guide.pdf (there’s a nice map on page 3).

Much of the development debate in this country concerns the urbanization of

wetlands areas. What role do wetlands play in the hydrologic cycle? Notice that this is not a biology question (though, of course, wetlands are quite important biologically!).