ENGL101 – Jewell – Timed Writing Practice

ENGL101 – Jewell – Timed Writing Practice
For this final writing exercise of the quarter, you may have a printed dictionary (not electronic) on your desk, but nothing
else. I will be grading you essay based on how well you respond to the prompt, whether you make and support an
arguable claim, the specificity of your references to the text, and the clarity of your writing.
In “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan discusses the different Englishes she and her mother speak. What were the positive and
negative effects of her mother’s use of English on Tan? How did observing her mother help her understand the different
forms of English that Tan herself speaks? What do you believe Tan’s primary message about language was? Defend your
Your answer should be approximately 400 words long – about four to five sides of a handwritten page, double-spaced. Be
sure to address the question directly and to keep your focus on it throughout your essay. (A good idea is to quote
important words from the question in the beginning of your essay.) Always support what you say with specific details.