ENGL101 Jewell – Personal Narrative Extra Credit Name____________________________________________________

ENGL101 Jewell – Personal Narrative Extra Credit
A grade and learning are clearly different things; where a grade reflects the credit earned for a product, it is the process that
really offers the opportunity for learning. We often learn quite a lot in the process of creating a product that may or may not
earn the credit we want. This optional assignment offers you the chance to merge the two: improve your grade by showing
what you have learned from the process.
You can earn up to three additional points on your Personal Narrative Essay grade by completing this activity. Look at your
final draft and the feedback you got from me (and perhaps consider the earlier feedback from your peers as well), and then
assess (in your own words – not merely repeating mine) how well you believe you did in each of the sections from the rubric
below, and what you learned that would allow you to do better in the future. For each section, assign the score you think you
earned, explain why, and describe how you might improve if you had the opportunity to arrive.
You will earn 0-3 points based on the quality and specificity of your own observations of your essay, and the appropriateness
of the lessons you learned and your plan for applying them in the future. You may submit in handwritten form, but if you
choose to do so, please make sure your handwriting is legible and your grammar as clear as possible.
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
How did the narrative help you start to identify some of your error patterns?
Specific details and vivid, descriptive language
Focus, organization, and transitions