RV6-Questions about “branding”

RV6-Questions about “branding”
1. According to the text, what is branding and how did it get started?
2. How can a person have his/her own brand? Is it possible?
3. If you had your own brand, what would you want people to say about it?
In other words, what do you think your reputation would be?
4. If you had a brand for yourself, what image would you want to be
associated with it? In other words, what would your “logo” be?
5. What does the word “cool” mean to you? (And I don’t mean
6. Do you think you’re a cool person? Why or why not?
7. Think of somebody in this program who you think is cool. Without saying
the person’s name, explain why you think he/she is cool.
8. Is it possible to convert one’s personality into money? (Think about “ARon)
9. What logos can you think of that really register with you?
10.According to what Richard said earlier this week, what is the difference
between a company and a corporation?
11.What is a slogan? What slogans can you think of?