Lottery Winners—Rich, but Happy? P 63


Lottery Winners—Rich, but Happy? P 63

Warm-up Questions 1.

What should a person do right after winning or receiving a lot of money? 2.

What bad things can happen to people who win a lottery?


Do you know of a person who won the lottery? (2)

True story

Who Wants to be a Millionaire 

Billionaire   Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars

affluent  

wealthy, prosperous

He is an ______ man.

extravagant  

too generous or expensive

She gives ________ gifts to her family.

fortune  

wealth, riches

He made a _____ in the oil business.

irate  

very angry, infuriated

The girl became ____ when she lost her Iphone.

keep up with  

to stay level with

She needs to run faster to ___ __ ___ the boy and the dog.

sensibly  


She spends her money _______ .

strike it rich  

to make a lot of money

She ____ __ ___ on the game show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

unforeseen  

unexpected, happening by accident

Due to ________ circumstances, he could not go to school.

windfall  

sudden good luck, especially unexpected money

My old car had just died when I received _____ that I won a new car.

The end