George Dawson Differences He was older.

George Dawson
He was older.
He could speak English, but couldn’t read and write.
His native language is English. (speaks better than we do)
He didn’t need to study vocabulary words.
We had an opportunity to start learning to read and write earlier than he did.
He is learning the English alphabet.
He didn’t have a chance to study before this.
We have a learning background, but he had none.
He needed to be recruited to come to school, but we come to school because we
want to.
He was born in the USA.
He already knows the habits and customs of USA.
He didn’t need education and books in his life (at first).
His head doesn’t have as much information.
He doesn’t have freedom because he doesn’t have an education
He could only work, not got to school. (had no chance to go to school when he
was young)
We have future goal to go to university/college.
School wasn’t important to his family.
Social structure is different now than it was in early 1900’s.
We want to learn how to read and write. (eager to learn)
We started learning late.
We like to talk with people and listen to people speak.
He wanted to learn more. He wanted to learn to read and write.
He is learning a (new) alphabet
We all live in the USA.
He is starting ABE education.
He is going to school.
He has difficulty reading and writing.
He writes with a Number 2 pencil, eraser, and carries a book bag.
He made an effort to come to school.
We have a (heavy) accent.
We have the same rights.
He was poor.
We are hard workers.
Without English in the USA, we lack freedom.
How does he feel?
Now he can read to go places.
“If everybody else can… I can too.”
can to any place, pay own bills, etc.
“I can drive a stake as well as any man.” Capable of learning as
others do
goes to church
Not alone
reads bible at church
Life became interesting.
featured in the newspaper, later wrote a book with a co-author