1. Adverb before verb: Thomas generally takes the bus.

1. Adverb before verb:
My sister usually drinks coffee in the morning.
Thomas generally takes the bus.
I usually prepare lunch for my daughter every day.
She usually comes early for work.
He always complains about her.
I probably work this weekend.
2. Verb to be – after verb
Sam was already in school.
He is always on time.
She is frequently absent.
We were always happy to see her.
3. Two verb parts
My dog has finally eaten his food.
I have already read the news.
They have finally won the game.
WE have never seen that movie.
4. Question
Does Mary usually eat breakfast?
Do you always come to school?
Did you ever talk to him?
Do you usually write in the library?
Does she always do the homework?
5. Negative
She never comes to school on time.
He rarely smokes cigarettes.
Paul never dances to Latin music.
He almost never speaks slowly.
I don’t usually eat pizza.
He didn’t often drink coffee.
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