General Course Policy and Procedures: NEEDL Course dates:

General Course Policy and Procedures: NEEDL
Course dates: The student will be able to access the course via
on the first day of the quarter until the last day of the quarter. The learning management system is
called ANGEL.
General requirements for online courses: The student must have access to a working computer for
several hours, at least three (3) times a week. The student must have a back up plan to complete
course work on time if your computer malfunctions; internet access malfunctions, or if course material
is not accessible on your home computer. These excuses are not valid for late work or missed material.
All current course material has been reviewed by instructors, but experience has shown that not
every presentation and link will work equally well on all computer systems. Internet Explorer and
Firefox are generally the most compatible with ANGEL.
Requirements for logging on to ANGEL: The student is required to log on to ANGEL at least three (3)
times per week. Instructors put important information in the announcements and emails. It is expected
that the student is reading announcements, checking your email regularly, reading discussion forums
and responding appropriately.
Complete all work for each unit by the posted due date. A complete list of assignments will be listed
on the course calendar. Many students find it useful to print this calendar as is, or go to the top of the
calendar page and change the format to list and print this. All assignments for each unit will be due at
2355, 5 minutes prior to midnight, on the due date. The specific due dates policies for each course may
vary by instructor. Please refer to each course syllabus for details.
Carefully read and follow the directions provided with each assignment. Nursing is a detail-oriented
profession. The ability to pay attention to detail and follow specific directions with benefit your career
and will help you progress smoothly through the course. Always put your name on any document, and
in the document name you submit. If your name is not on the document then the instructor will not
know whose work is whose when downloaded. All submissions must be in Microsoft Word (doc. or
docx) or rich text format (rtf) or the instructor will not be able to view. If submissions are not received
in the proper format, this may result in a zero for the assignment.
Discussion Forums. There will be at least one discussion forum each week. This will be a focused class
discussion on a topic related to readings and assignments. The student will have to post a first
submission prior to replying to others. All posts must indicate substantial reflection. The student needs
to organize their thoughts prior to submission to have well developed paragraphs. A well developed
paragraph includes a topic sentence (stating a position), at least three sentences in which the idea is
supported and a concluding sentence in which the idea is summarized. Use evidence from articles,
books, experience, journals, logic, etc to support your ideas. Don’t plagiarize, remember to cite your
sources using APA formatting. For more information on APA please refer to an APA manual or
Quizzes and unit exams are open book. Ethics is a large portion of nursing and we want all students to
do their own work. The lesson quizzes are generally not graded but are to be used as learning tools.
Unit exams will be timed and graded.
Other exams. The midterm, math test, final test and HESI will be proctored on campus, timed and will
not be open book. See schedule and syllabus for date and times.
Grades. Grades are determined by all points earned
points possible. As soon as grading is complete,
the grade report will reflect points earned on the assignment. Exams are automatically graded when
they are submitted. The student must earn a minimum average of 77% on all course exams (unit,
midterm & final) before activity, assignment and participation points will be added to your grade. If the
student does not have the required 77% on exams, your final course grades will not reflect the points
from activities and assignments.
Academic Dishonesty. All forms of student academic dishonesty, including cheating, falsification,
plagiarism or facilitating, aiding, and abetting academic dishonesty is subject to discipline, which may
include being dismissed a student. Plagiarism includes submitting work as your own that you did not
author, in whole or in part. To avoid this, always cite your references appropriately and correctly. Avoid
cutting and pasting from websites, online materials, or other work unless you correctly quote or cite the
Contacting your instructor. This information will be published in each course syllabus. Barbara Hack is
the Director of Nursing [email protected] , Denise Filiatrault will be a lead instructor for most courses
[email protected] .
Instructors will occasionally be away form their computer and do not generally check messages on the
weekends. They will always try to respond to your email within 24 hours M-F.
Good Luck and Welcome!
Please sign this and return to Denise Filiatrault on December 15 or leave it in the mail box in the
Nursing Department at NSCC.
I have read and understood the “General Course Policies and Procedures: NEEDL”.
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