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[Name of College]
ATTN: [Department]
[Contact Person’s Name]
[College’s Address; incl. mail stop if applicable]
[City, State, Zip]
Dear [cashier, registration, To Whom it May Concern]:
I am writing on behalf of [Student Name] [SID#]. Seattle Goodwill will be
paying [his/her] [Quarter—Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer] Quarter [Year]
tuition and fees. A check request was submitted to our accounting
department on [date] for the amount of [$amount]. Please note that checks
generally take between 10-14 days to process and mail to colleges; you can
expect to receive the check sometime between [10th day] and [14th day]. In
the meantime, please hold this student’s classes so that she is not dropped
for non-payment.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you do not receive the
check by [insert date, two weeks from now].
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
[Your Name]
College Navigator
Seattle Goodwill
[Phone #]
[Email address]
Seattle Goodwill 1765 6th Ave S | Seattle, WA 98155 | 1(877) GIVE4GOOD |