Client Information That Will Help with Job Site Management

Client Information That Will Help with Job Site Management
The Designer/Remodeler should collect the following information during the preconstruction meeting:
What hours can we work?
What days can we work?
What areas of the home do we need special permission to enter?
Where is your security alarm system?
Can we use a lockbox system during your project?
If the home has wireless connectivity, may we have access to your wireless
network? If not, is there a high speed Internet line available in the work zone?
7. Regarding Children: What is their daily schedule, who is responsible for them if
they return home when parents are working?
8. Are there any pet considerations?
9. Are there any neighbor concerns?
10. Where can we drop/store deliveries, notably the cabinets and/or crated,
oversized bathroom fixtures?
11. Where can we place the trash?
12. Where can we place the portable toilet? (Or which of your bathrooms can we
13. Where can we park our vehicles?
14. Where can we post our company site sign?
15. Where are your utilities? (gas, electric, septic, communications)?
16. What furniture or shrubbery needs to be to be removed? Who is responsible to
move it?
17. What hours can we call you, and what number should we use (home, work, cell,
18. How often do you want us to meet with/contact you?
19. Do you understand our request that no family member or other unauthorized
individuals spend time in the work zone, and that all communication is best
maintained between the designer or other appointed responsible project
manager and you or your representative?
20. What can we do to make the project more enjoyable for you?
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