JOB AID: Employee Feedback Tips on Completing the Form

JOB AID: Employee Feedback
Tips on Completing the Form
Be comprehensive, but concise and specific. Be as open and honest as possible.
Examples of Achievements:
Improved customer responsiveness rates: All records requests were processed within 24 hours (average
17 hours). 82% of requestors received order confirmation emails with 12 hours, all within 24 hours.
Strengthened my teamwork skills: Improved knowledge and understanding of how teams function, the
development stages of high performing teams and the various roles team members play by completing
the 2-day Teamwork 101 workshop in April. I gave a presentation on what I learned at our monthly staff
meeting in May and I’ve applied what I learned in the committees I've participated in this year.
Examples of Capacity:
 Updates to our department processes are not being captured consistently in the procedures manual.
 The student hiring process could be streamlined, but I don’t feel like I have time to make changes when
students are coming through our office all day.
Examples of Process Improvement:
 Convert the paper request form to an online form with electronic signatures, for faster submission and
 To decrease repetitive inquiries, create a new page on the department webpage to feature helpful
resources or services we provide that customers may not know about. Coordinate with the
Communications department to advertise our new resources page.
Setting Goals & Priorities:
Identify three to five goals and priorities that are most important to achieve in the coming year to be
successful in your job. Choose goals and/or priorities based on what is most applicable to your job.
When setting a priority, think about the key responsibilities of your job and what your job’s core objective
is, then set a priority that will help you achieve your job’s main purpose. Often your priorities will remain
from year to year.
A goal is an action, task or project focused on achievement of an objective. Goals may be set for a single
period of time and changed as projects are completed.