The Setting When and where the story takes place.

The Setting
When and where the story takes place.
Where did the story take place?
• How long ago was
• What time of day
was it?
How important is the setting?
• Is the setting a very
important part of
the story or could it
have happened
• Discuss how the
story may change if
it was set
somewhere else.
Is it familiar?
• Is the setting
somewhere that is
familiar to you, like
a place you have
been to?
• Or is it unfamiliar?
A place you have
never been.
Was the setting interesting?
• What else would you
like to know about
the setting?
Visual Images
• In your mind, can
you see a really
clear picture of
where the story is
• Describe it.
• Which words or
phrases help you to
see this visual image
in your mind?
Your opinion
• What did you like
• Explain how well
about this setting?
you think the
author did at
• What did you dislike
describing the
about it?