We are 2-D shapes but we’re not the same. Think very names!

We are 2-D shapes but we’re
not the same. Think very
hard, try and guess our
I’m a Circle!
My shape is round,
my side is 1, can you
tell what I am?
I’m ready to run!
I’m a Semi-circle!
I am partly curved,
my sides are 2.
I’m going now to
get some stew!
What am I?
I’m a Triangle!
My sides are 3,
they are all
straight, now
children don’t
stay up too late!
What am I?
I’m a Square!
I have 4 sides,
try and guess
my name?
They are all
straight, and
are all the
I’m a Pentagon!
Guess what I am,
my sides are 5.
I’m wanted, dead
or alive!
I’m a Hexagon!
I have 6 sides, they
are all the same.
What am I called,
can you guess my
I’m a Heptagon!
Guess my name,
my sides are
I think I’ll fly
now, off to
I’m an Octagon!
What am I called,
my sides are 8?
Tony the Tiger
says I am
I’m a Nonagon!
My sides are 9,
I’m made with
lines, I’m looking
good and feeling
I’m a Decagon!
Guess my name,
I have 10 sides.
I’ll see you later,
I’m going to hide!