Who built the pyramids? And how were they built?

Who built the pyramids?
And how were they built?
Who built them?
• The pyramids were built around 4500 years ago.
• Some people believe that the pyramids were
built by slaves. However, the huge workforce
was actually made up of field workers.
The field workers were free to help build the
pyramids during the months of the Nile flood.
The Egyptian people believed that by assisting
the Pharaoh to eternal life, they secured their
own immortality.
Materials used:
• It is often shown that the blocks to build
the pyramids were moved by rollers.
However, the evidence suggests that the
stones were pulled on sledges along
ramps and then put into position.
• Water was poured on the ground to make
the sledges move more easily.
• The stones were tied on with ropes.
Other information.
• During the Old Kingdom, about 90 pyramids
were built throughout Egypt.
They are one of the greatest architectural
Evidence has been uncovered that reveals that
the workers were all well fed.
Spells were written on the walls of the pyramids
to help the King on his journey to the afterlife.