Barnaby Bear goes Down Under

We found out about Australia from the Internet.
Barnaby Bear goes Down Under
1. Barnaby Bear first flew to ______________, Australia.
2. Kate said, “It’s called down under because it’s down under
on the other side of the world from ________ _____ _____.”
3. In Australia it was ___o’clock, but in England it was the
___________ _____ _____ _________.
4. Name two famous places in Sydney that Barnaby visited.
Sydney ____________
Sydney ____________
5. On which beach did Kenny try to teach Barnaby to surf?
_________________ Beach.
6. What was the name of the place in the middle of Australia
that Barnaby visited next?
_______________ ________________
7. There, Barnaby visited a ____________ of the ______, a
radio station that teaches children who live too far from
8. These people have lived in Australia for thousands of years
– long before European people came.
They are called ___________________.
9. What is a didgeridoo? A _____________ ____________.
10. Where is Ayers Rock?
_____________ _____________
11. Barnaby visited the longest coral reef in the world called
the _________ ______________ _________.
12. What were the ‘logs’ at the edge of the river?
Click on Barnaby to see the story again and draw you
favourite part of his adventure.