Recommended enrolment (Autumn commencement) Credit awarded:

Recommended enrolment (Autumn commencement)
Advanced Diploma of Tourism to Bachelor of Tourism Management
Credit awarded:
 101556 The Geographies of Social Difference
 101557 The Individual in Society
 101598 Tourism In Society
 200571 Management Dynamics
 80cp – unspecified electives
*cp = credit points
Please note: the below shows the recommended units for you to enrol in. If you follow the sequence shown below you will be able to complete the Bachelor of Tourism
Management in 1.5 years of full time study. You can choose to change the order you study these units in, however this may result in taking longer to complete the degree. You
also have the option of studying part time, which will take a minimum of 3 years to complete at two units per session.
For further information on enrolment please email the school at [email protected]
First year
Second year
Study session 1
(Autumn Session)
Study session 2
(Spring Session)
Study session 3
(Autumn Session)
101556 The Geographies of Social
101557 The Individual in Society
101598 Tourism in Society
101902 Outdoor Recreation and Leisure
101599 Heritage and Tourism
101904 Tourism Policy and Planning
101903 Tourism Impact Management
200101 Accounting Information for
101270 Destination Management
101600 Indigenous Cultures and Tourism
Plus TWO of the following units:
200184 Introduction to Business Law
200525 Principles of Economics
200300 Managing People at Work
101607 Tourism Industry Experience [400
Before you confirm your enrolment, please use the UWS Handbook to check the details of each unit in this program, including when each unit is being offered on your campus.
You can search for each unit using the unit code (six digit code) provided above. The UWS Handbook also lists the available electives for this course, professional accreditation
requirements and all other course requirements.
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