Theory U Social Technology for Innovation

Theory U
Social Technology for Innovation
Colin Andrew Brown, Accurity GmbH, Kloten, Switzerland
working for Roche Pharmaceuticals, Basel, Switzerland.
Theory U is licensed by the
Presencing Institute - Otto Scharmer,
In this paper you will learn about
How the Theory U process works
Experiences of going through the U Process
Implementation Recommendations
How to Increase Innovation in your workplace.
How I came to be giving this
How I Came
Six Programmers writing.
Audience Participation time –
Periphery Vision Exercise.
Don’t get sleepy!
Can get a bit wishy-washy for a technical conference.
Exercise helps to keep awake when you need to.
Theory U
Developed by Otto Scharmer at MIT.
Look at what viewpoint and attitude
successful leaders act from
i.e. what is their inner State Of Mind.
Seven Step process.
Blind Spot of Our
Blind Spot of Our Times #2
Blind Spot of our Times
Going Through the U-Process.
Seeking the Original Idea.
Going Through the U-Process
Normal Everyday Habitual Thinking.
Going Through the U-Process
Goal: develop an Open Mind.
Hindrance: Voice of Judgment (“Yeah, I know that already”).
Going Through the U-Process
Goal: develop an Open Heart. A Trusting Environment.
Hindrance: Voice of Criticism (“It will never work anyway”).
Going Through the U-Process
Goal: develop an Open Will. Inner Source of Creativity.
Hindrance: Voice of Fear (“Things should stay as they are”).
Being in the Flow, in a Group.
Going Through the U-Process
Periphery Vision A Different State of Mind.
Gives an impression of what Presencing is like
This is a quick way to start Open Mind
This is also using Will.
Experiencing Going Through the U-Process
The Unexpected Idea.
The Burren.
The Bonus Scheme.
Experiencing Going Through the U-Process
Suitable for the Pharmaceutical
Structured Approach to Innovation
Flexible Modular Approach
MIT Background
Implementation Recommendations
Use where high innovation is essential
Add two days for the U process
Offsite Meeting
Do not use a
mission critical
Theory U works.
You are all already capable of
High Innovation.
If you put the two
together what is
going to happen?
Take Home Message.
You are able to strongly influence the
Innovative Environment of your Project.
This is your responsibility.
Open Mind
Be ready for the uncomfortable facts
Open Heart
Create a Trusting Environment
Open Will
Be prepared to let go of the familiar
Colin Andrew Brown