Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Colgate University - Campus Application Form Fall 2016

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Colgate University - Campus Application Form
Fall 2016
Deadline: Friday, September 30, 2016 by 4pm
Please submit this document along with your personal statement (max 1500 words), project proposal
(max 1500 words), official transcript, budget, and resume, all via email to the Office of National
Fellowships and Scholarships. The two references (required form available on ONFS website) should be
submitted directly by the referees via email to the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships
<[email protected]>
Please prepare this document through Microsoft word. We anticipate this will be a two to three page document once
completed. Do not exceed the required character limits. Please remove examples prior to submission.
Campus Address: CU Box
Major 1:
Permanent Address (city and state):
Major 2:
Project Information
Proposed Project Title (do not exceed 75 characters with spaces):
Proposed Project Countries:
Brief Summary of Proposed Project (do not exceed 575 characters with spaces):
Brief Biographical Abstract (do not exceed 100 words):
Languages – please list the language; proficiency level (native speaker, near-native fluency, very good,
intermediate, elementary); origin and semesters studied if applicable
Example: Spanish
Example: French
Native Speaker
Very Good
My first language, spoken at home
HS AP; College 6 semesters; France Study Abroad
Countries – please list all foreign travel experiences in reverse chronology; reasons may include study abroad,
extended study, research, conference, vacation, lived as child, family lives there, etc. If you have traveled to a
country for different reasons you can list them separately.
Example: France
Example: England
Example: France
Example: Mexico
Total number of days, weeks or months
Study Abroad
Family lives there
Fall 2010
November 2010
Summer 2007
Every Summer since birth
4 months
5 days
1 week
nearly two years total
Questions – please respond.
1. Are there skills and competencies acquired through your education or experiences that make you
capable of fulfilling the project you propose? What other skills and competencies might you still have to
acquire to complete the project? (do not exceed 650 characters with spaces)
2. If chosen as a Watson Fellow, describe one to three specific ways your proposed project will “stretch”
you? (do not exceed 650 characters with spaces)