School of Arts Honours Program

School of Arts
Honours Program
Honours is the undertaking of advanced research and scholarship in a chosen field of study. The
dissertation is an extended piece of original work, the main purpose of which is to display the
academic skills and application of specific knowledge and methodologies that a student has
acquired in the course of the program and previous study for the degree.
Initial Dissertation Proposal
Please use this form as a template for formulating your initial ideas, and as a basis for discussion
with the Discipline Coordinator/potential supervisor. A final version of the proposal can then be
submitted via the official UNE proposal form.
NB: Your proposal should be between 150-250 words in length.
Student number:
Email Address:
Proposed Dissertation Topic (one sentence):
Aim and rationale of the dissertation, including ways in which your work will contribute to
the field of scholarship in this area.
Main Points: identify three or more major points relevant to your central question around
which you will organise further research and writing. These points could constitute the focus
of different chapters.
Research sources: what information sources, library collections, databases, etc. will you use?
Preliminary literature survey: attach a separate detailed bibliography of main source
materials—primary and secondary—consulted so far.
Methodology: brief outline of methods or approaches that you will use. This could include
such things as interviews, archival collections.