Project Topic

Project Topic
Study of Various stiffening methods of a pressure loaded tank structure
For my project I will evaluate the varying stiffener designs used in pressurized tanks in
submarines. Tank stiffeners can be sized initially by assuming them to be a rectangular
fixed/clamped plate and solving the closed formed equations for stress/small deflection,
etc. For more accurate results, the designs are then analyzed using FEA. The closed form
solutions provide an approximate solution, but the final configuration, size, etc, is based
upon stresses shown in the model and fabrication constraints. In some cases the final
stiffener equations could be a combination of a fixed/clamped plate. I would like to look
further into how these final designs relate to the basic closed form solutions.
ill need to use ABAQUS, which i will need to learn. i will need to do much research on
tank designs, id like to investigate how theyre designed in other applications (other than a