Advanced Engineering Mathematics Questionnaire # 1 – Introduction

Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Questionnaire # 1 – Introduction
Prepare and write brief answers to the following questions:
1.- What is the objective of this course and the expected learning outcomes of this course?
2.- Make a list of the topics that will be studied in this class.
3.- Explain briefly the logistics of this course.
4.- Describe the type and frequency of submission of the required deliverables in this course.
5.- List the software requirements for this class and confirm that you have them up and running
in your own computer..
6.- Describe how will the student’s performance in this class be graded.
7.- Click on the Ice Breaker module, complete the assignments therein and describe briefly what
you did.
8.- Briefly explain the geometrical meanings of derivative and integral of a function of a single
independent variable.
9.- Briefly describe a numerical method that can be used to find the roots of an algebraic
10.- Explain the difference between probability density function and probability distribution