Government 1302.02 Stage 3 Randy Rodriguez

Government 1302.02
Stage 3
Randy Rodriguez
A group, consisting of friends and myself, realize that there is a problem in our
little town. On many corners of streets, near intersections, there are many visual
obstructions. We then realize that there are no laws to clear these hazards near
intersections. We decide to convince the city council to pass a law that maintains
visibility at all intersections within our city limits. We would propose that the city
workers keep the intersections clean.
On June 1, our original group would organize supporters who see the need for a
law to maintain visibility near intersections. On June 5, we would set up a meeting with
the Beautification Committee. To them, we would present our proposal and we would
then ask for their assistance. They would also see the need for such a law and thus,
happily give us their assistance.
Beginning on the on the 10 of June, with the help of the Beautification
Committee, we wold circulate flyers that explain the dangers of visual obstructions near
intersections. We would also print an article in the local newspaper stating the problem
and our views. On the 15 of June, we would go around town and gather signatures on a
petition. We would state and discuss our cause with the people during this time, and we
would also encourage them to call the mayor and city council members.
On the 25 of June, we would contact the mayor and show him the petitions and
explain the hazards of having such obstructions near intersections. We then would ask
for his support and help in presenting our views to the city council. He would then help
us get on the council's agenda, but he would not offer his support. He would state a
shortage of funds as his reason. On the 10 of July, we would meet with the city council.
The council members would see this as a waste of the taxpayer's money. They would
explain that they do not have the funds or the manpower to complete such a task if the
law were to be passed. They would vote to decline our proposal, thus destroying our
efforts. In effect, we would lose.