Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
1. Coaxial cable has a single copper wire down the middle and a braided shield around it.
2. 10Base5 Ethernet uses twisted-pair cabling rated CAT-3 or higher and an RJ-45 connector.
3. A hub is smarter and more efficient than a switch and keeps a table of all the devices connected to it.
4. A subnet mask is a group of four dotted decimal numbers that tells TCP/IP if a computer’s IP address is on
the same or a different network than another computer.
5. You can see the status of the wireless connection by double-clicking the Wireless Network Connection icon
in the Network Connections window.
Complete each statement.
6. A PC makes a direct connection to a network by way of a(n) ____________________.
7. A(n) ____________________ topology connects all nodes to a centralized hub or switch.
8. A(n) ____________________ is a wireless network that is designed to cover a wide area and is made up of
numerous cells, which are sometimes called radio cells.
9. In a(n) ____________________ network, each computer on the network has the same authority as the other
10. The encryption methods used by ____________________ are stronger than WEP or WPA and are the
preferred method when transmitting sensitive data over a wireless connection.
Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
a. MAN
f. GSM
g. WAN
c. bandwidth
h. ferrite clamp
d. Ping
i. hub
e. Bluetooth
A network that covers a large campus or city
A network that covers a large geographical area and is made up of many smaller networks
A measure of how much data can travel over a given communication system in a given amount of time
A pass-through and distribution point for every device connected to it, without regard for what kind of data is
passing through and where the data might be going
A standard for short-range wireless communication and data synchronization between devices
An open standard that uses digital communication of data, and is accepted and used worldwide
The protocol suite used on the Internet
Helps to eliminate electromagnetic interference in a network cable
Sends a signal to a remote computer; if the remote computer is online and hears the signal, it responds
Short Answer
20. What are the two varieties of twisted-pair cable?
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