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JUNE 18, 2002
In my opinion, the qualities of successful presidential leadership was well
represented by Mr. Jimmy Carter.
First of all, after reading this article, my conclusion is that Mr. Carter was
for the people. I feel that statesmanship should be considered an art based on that it is for
the “good of the object”, says Plato. On the other hand, politics should be considered a
craft because it consists of primarily, “ producing pleasure in the object”, stated so well
by Plato. The “object” in which statesmanship is concerned is that it represents the good
of the American people. As to, where the “object” in which politics is concerned is where
the candidates give into the “wants” of the American people. The article represents that
Mr. Jimmy Carter was an artist in that he was for the good of the people, and what was
realistic to the world. As to, where Mr. Ronald Reagan was a craftsman in that he was
about producing pleasure for the “majority” of the people, and thriving on what they
wanted whether it was good or bad.
Secondly, I feel that the analogy of Socrates is very valid for
American politics, in a sense that, Americans’ perception of their political leaders based
on the article is that as long as the politician looks as if he is doing a good job, and his
physical appearance is in good shape that they (meaning Americans) will just about listen
to and believe whatever is being told to them by politicians. No, I really do not feel that
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JUNE 18, 2002
Americans’ are being honest with themselves when it comes to them claiming that they
want politicians to make decisions without regards to “politics”.
Next, as far as the question about what should a president be primarily
concerned with in order to be seen as successful, my opinion on that and based on what I
read in the article. The people of America mainly focus on what the person has to offer,
his appearance, statue, health, and manner when it comes to seeing a president as
successful. Instead, I feel that the focus should be mainly on what he has to offer society
as a whole, the manner in which he does it, and the outcomes in the end.
Finally, I would assess the performance of other modern
presidents, in that Mr. Clinton, and Mr. Kennedy were similar in many ways to my
knowledge. The both of them were for all the people of America as a whole. I can relate
to this because I am in the minority area of America, being that I am African American.
These two presidents did a lot for “my people” as a whole. Mr. Kennedy was even
murdered, as result of this. Mr. Bush (the son), has done a lot also, I feel that it is only
because he has to do something in a sense to stay in office. Again, this is my opinion, and
mine alone.
In conclusion, these are the qualities of successful presidential
leadership was well represented by Mr. Jimmy Carter.