IMED 2311 Syllabus Instructor of Record: Robert Craig Collins<br>

(%T3) IMED 2311 Syllabus
Instructor of Record: Robert Craig Collins<br>
Watson Technical Center, #507<br>
2600 S. 1st St<br>
Temple, TX 76504<br>
[email protected]<br>
(%T3) Learning Objectives<br>
CIP Code: 11.0801 (Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design) <br>
Course Title: Portfolio Development <br>
Course Level: Intermediate <br>
Course Description: Preparation and enhancement of portfolio to meet professional standards,
development of presentation skills, and improvement of job-seeking techniques. <br>
End-of-Course Outcomes: Arrange and refine projects for presentation; identify current industry
requirements for employment; develop a presentation portfolio; and articulate the advantages of
membership in a professional organization<br>
<br><b>Course Competencies</b><br>
Students will be able to:<br>
<li> Discuss how digital images are created and stored<br>
<li> Use cameras and scanners to capture digital images<br>
<li> Compare and contrast bitmap and TIFF file formats<br>
<li> Construct and edit bitmap and tiff files using Paint<br>
<li> Discuss compressions<br>
<li> Construct and edit compressed gif files<br>
<li> Construct and edit animated gif files<br>
<li> Discuss Transparency<br>
<li> Construct and edit transparent aspects of files<br>
<li> Compare an contrast jpeg and png files<br>
<li> Create and edit jpeg and png files using advanced editing tools<br>
<li> Discuss optimization<br>
<li> Implement optimization<br>
<li> Discuss Layers<br>
<li> Create and edit images that use layers<br>
<li> Discuss Paths<br>
<li> Create and edit images that use paths<br>
<li> Discuss Text<br>
<li> Create and edit images that use text<br>
<li> Discuss color balance<br>
<li> Create and edit files that use color balance<br>
<li> Discuss Video<br>
<li> Create and edit Video<br>
<li> Discuss Flash<br>
<li> Create and edit images that use Flash<br>
Evaluate various tools and methods to create and edit digital images
(%T3) Readings <br>
Creative Suite 4 for Dummies,<br>
(%T3)General Description of lectures <br>
Overview 1, Review the syllabus; orientation<br>
Overview 2, Portfolios<br>
Overview 3, Media Collection, Intro to Creative Suite, Lab 1<br>
Overview 4, Basic Acrobat, Lab 2<br>
Overview 5, Acrobat Forms, Lab 3<br>
Overview 6, Review, Test #1 <br>
Overview 7, Photoshop, Media Collection, Lab 4 <br>
Overview 8, Optimizing with Photoshop, Lab 5<br>
Overview 9, Layers in Photoshop, Video, Lab 6 <br>
Overview 10, Review, HTML, Lab 7, Test #2 <br>
Overview 11, Dreamweaver, Lab 8<br>
Overview 12, Dreamweaver and Media, Lab 9<br>
Overview 13, Audio Edit, Media collection, start lab 10<br>
Overview 14, Media Distribution, Review for Test #3 <br>
Overview 15, Test #3, Lab 10<br>
Final Exam<br><br>
<a href="">Course Website</a><br>
Syllabus subject to change