Joint-use $52 million facility scheduled for April 2004 opening

Joint-use $52 million facility scheduled for April 2004 opening
WEST FORT HOOD —Amongst a crowd of 300+ people, and with the turn of 12
shovels full of dirt, Killeen officials formally dedicated and broke ground on Monday for
the city's $52 million joint-use municipal airport project at West Fort Hood. Gathered
beneath a large blue and white tent set up on the site of the 76-acre airport, citizens, along
with an array of city, county, state and federal government officials met at the southeast
corner of Robert Gray Army Airfield. In the background —alongside the airfield's
10,000-foot runway, were signs of preliminary excavation work for a 3,700-foot taxiway
to be scraped out of the rocky terrain. According to John Clark, of the Temple Daily
Telegram, the $3.4-million taxiway will accommodate civilian aircraft for the airport and
is scheduled to open for business in April 2004. Area, state, and federal politicians took
were present to express their support for the venture, which has been called the most
significant local economic development opportunity since Fort Hood was established
more than 50 years ago. "What an excellent example of partnership," said District 54
State Rep. Suzanna Gratia Hupp, R-Lampasas. "Look at what you all have created here. I
can't wait to actually be on a plane that's either going into or out of this airport."
Carol L. O'Connor
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