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ITSC 1301 Introduction to Computers
Chapter 14 Homework Questions
True or False. Type in a "T" or "F" in the blank to the left of the question.
___ 1. The system development life cycle is an organized set of activities that guide those
involved through the development of an information system.
___ 2. The activities of the system development life cycle can be grouped into distinct phases;
planning, analysis, design, implementation, and support.
___ 3. Documentation should be thought of as unimportant and should not be an ongoing part
of the development process.
___ 4. Project management involves planning, scheduling, and controlling the individual
activities during the system development life cycle.
___ 5. Feasibility is a measure of how suitable the development of a system will be to the
___ 6. Developing programs, monitoring system performance & developing detail design of
the system are included in the implementation phase.
___ 7. When you purchase software, you actually purchase an end-user license agreement,
which is the right to use the software under certain terms and conditions.
___ 8. A benchmark test measures the time it takes to process a set number of transactions.
___ 9. A decision table or a decision tree document processes that consist of many conditions
or rules.
___ 10. The disadvantage of prototyping is that the user is unable to actually experience the
system before it is completed.
___ 11. Training users is not important for a system to be effective.
___ 12. During the implementation phase, new hardware is installed and tested.
___ 13. Performance monitoring is an activity that determines if the new system is inefficient at
any point and if the inefficiency is causing a problem.
___ 14. Direct conversion consists of continuing to process data on the old system while some
or all of the data is also processed on the new system.
___ 15. Phased conversion is used with smaller systems that cannot be broken down into
individual modules.
Multiple Choice. Type your choice for the most correct option in the blank on the left.
___ 16. The collection and summarization of data and information is known as
A. Documentation
C. Gantt Chart
B. Analysis
D. Flowcharting
___ 17. ___________ conversion consists of running the old system alongside the new system
for a specified time period
A. Direct
C. Phased
B. Parallel
D. Pilot
___ 18. An end-user license agreement gives you the legal right to use the software
A. Anyway you wish
C. and make copies for your friends
B. under certain terms and conditions
D. None of the above
___ 19. Software that has already been written and is available for purchase is called
A. Vendor Software
C. Commercial off-the-shelf
B. Custom Software
D. Public Domain Software
___ 20. A _____ is a tool that represents graphically the flow of data in a system.
A. Flowchart
C. Data Flow Diagram
B. Dictionary
D. Gantt Chart
___ 21. __________ application software is developed for a unique way of doing business,
usually within a specific business or industry.
A. Vertical
C. General
B. Horizontal
D. Business
___ 22. __________ is the person responsible for designing and developing an information
A. Programmer
C. Data Analyst
B. User
D. Systems Analyst
___ 23. _________ is not used as a technique to gather data and information.
A. Observing
C. Interviews
D. Questionnaires
___ 24. A ________ shows how other elements of the system interact with a major process.
A. Systems flowchart
C. Gantt Chart
B. Data Flow Diagram
D. Data Dictionary
___ 25. __________ is not a test used to test the new system.
A. Acceptance test
C. Systems test
B. Integration test
D. Performance test