Advanced Criminology Chapter 1

Advanced Criminology
Chapter 1
1. How does the media contribute to the perception of crime by the average citizen?
2. Is there a definitive definition of crime? Explain your answer.
3. Where do rules of law come from?
4. Explain the difference between criminal law and civil law.
5. Define mala in se and mala prohibita.
6. Describe the difference and give examples of a crime of omission and a crime of
7. Define and discuss the difference between mens rea and actus reus
8. Civilization refers to the process whereby a criminal law is selectively applied to
social behavior, what is that threefold process.
9. What are the culpable mental states?
10. What is the difference between motive and intent? Which must be proven in court?
11. What are the sources of law?
12. What are the three branches of government and there function?
13. What is the distinction between letter of the law and spirit of the law?
14. What is the purpose of social control?