MOBILIZATION – EMERGENCY MOBILIZATION. (REV 12-2-14) (11-15) 101-2.4 Emergency Mobilization:

(REV 12-2-14) (11-15)
ARTICLE 101-2 is expanded by the following:
101-2.4 Emergency Mobilization: Provide a contact 24-hours-per-day and 7days-per-week (including all holidays) to receive and respond in person to verbal and/or written
work directions for the duration of this Contract. This contact shall be available to meet with the
Engineer or designated representatives as needed or will be required to respond by telephone
within _____ minutes of being notified. Advise the Engineer of any changes to the telephone
number for the contact and require that contact to be available by phone or other methods preapproved by the Engineer. After notification, report to the emergency work site location(s)
within _____ hour(s) prepared to secure the site and begin working.