College of Arts and Sciences
Mark Biercevicz, New Lab Research Technician, Joins the
Biology Department
Mark Biercevicz joined the Biology Department as a Lab Technician this past February. As a biologist, it
has been said that Mark certainly has had a “storied” career. He has done many different things in many
places. Working with Aquatec out of South Burlington, he undertook many in-depth studies involving
fisheries, macroinvertebrates, water quality, and Lake Champlain issues. He has been inside the Alaskan
Pipeline; was shot at by Ecuadoran Gunboats; was out in the Perfect Storm; has three brothers who were
all drafted by professional baseball teams and one sister who played for the world championship women’s
fastpitch softball team; and once had a job collecting bear scat for predator/prey analyses. He previously
had worked at the UVM Horticultural Research Center where some knew him as the “Apple Man.”
Nicknamed “Coyote,” field or forest is usually a good place to find him.
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