UVM Men’s Club Volleyball Team – Player Expectations 2008-2009

UVM Men’s Club Volleyball Team – Player Expectations 2008-2009
o Attend and show up on time to all games, practices, and meetings
o Be open to, and invite feedback from team members and coach
o Congratulate opponents after matches
o Dedicate yourself to improvement everyday
o Have a positive and never quit attitude
o Hustle at all times: onto the court, off the court, to get in the huddle during timeouts and
after the game (win or lose)
o Immediately report any injury to my coach
o Learn the rules, policies & procedures of the game and club
o No talk to referees (unless you are the floor captain)
o No (trash) talk to opponents
o Play with emotion rather than showing excessive emotion
o PUT TEAM FIRST, above self. PLAY AND ACT SELFLESSLY. This is a TEAM game.
o Represent the club program appropriately on the court, in the classroom and on campus.
o Support your teammates – respect them and give them encouragement
o Talk, communicate, speak on the court
o Work HARD
o Use appropriate language (i.e. do not curse)
o Communicate with coach and Club President regarding schedule conflicts (i.e. missing
practice) You can email at [email protected]
o Get to know your teammates – hang out, eat lunch, study together
o Make the officers/coaches aware of issues or problems before they become BIG issues or
problems. The officers/coaches welcome questions, comments, and feedback.
o NO HAZING... Hazing means any act committed by a person, whether individually or in
concert with others, against a student in connection with pledging, being initiated into,
affiliating with, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any organization that is
affiliated with an educational institution; and that is intended, or should reasonably be
expected, to have the effect of humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning the student or
endangering the mental or physical health of a student. The University’s policy on hazing can
be found here: http://www.uvm.edu/~uvmppg/ppg/student/hazing.pdf
o NO drugs or alcohol at any team function regardless of age
o Police Blotter = Off the team
o Respond in a timely fashion to emails, forms, questions, and information that is required of
you. This means within 24 hours.
o Take care of our equipment – take it home for storage and bring it back to practices and