Energy Alternatives: CDAE 006 ( Course Syllabus: Fall 2015 Meeting Time: Instructor:

Energy Alternatives: CDAE 006 (6-91629)
Course Syllabus: Fall 2015
Meeting Time: Monday 4:00- 6:45p.m. Lafayette 108
Dr. Richard Watts, 802-656-9775 [email protected]
Office Hours: 1-3 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Morrill 208
Blackboard: Instructors will post the syllabus, class lectures, class schedules and selected readings.
Course Objective: Learn about renewable energy policy, programs, technology and planning.
Required Texts
Vermont Department of Public Service. Comprehensive Energy Plan, Volume 1 (19 pages).
Academic and other articles as assigned
Course Components:
1: Seminars: Lectures by the instructor and guest speakers. The course is organized around a series of
guest lectures on energy related topics. Students are expected to do advance research on speakers and
come to class prepared to ask questions and discuss.
2: Readings: Required readings as assigned. These will usually be about that weeks speaker.
3: Weekly response papers (10): The course requires that you post 10 weekly reflections in advance of
each speakers presentation, responding to a prompt and incorporating your pre-research on the speaker and
the topic. These pre-speaker summaries should be 300-400 words and must be posted to BB by the
Saturday before the Monday presentation. These must include at least two cited sources. We will
provide a writing prompt but there is lots of freedom and flexibility in the direction you can go, for
example including video, news clips and other sources. Thirteen will be assigned. Ten are due. No late
papers are accepted.
4. Speaker questions. In addition, please post two questions for each speaker at the end of your weekly
reflection. These questions should be detailed and build off the research that you have done in writing your
pre-speaker summary.
Each student will be required to ask at least one question during the semester. This question should be
formally delivered (see instructions).
5: Course Paper: Due: Dec 10
Each student will write an original, fully-referenced paper on a topic of their choosing (2500-3000 words,
not including references). Guidelines are posted in Assignments. This paper can draw from previous class
work and be on any energy related topic.
6. Class participation. Students are expected to actively participate in class, both through their
engagement in group work and in asking questions of the speakers
7: Field Trips. Students attend three field trips and write a 400-500 word reflection on each trip. These
will take place at times to be announced. Students will have ten options to get to three trips. These are
multi-hour trips to renewable energy facilities and places in Vermont. Lunch and bus service is provided.
8: Attendance Policy. You are expected to attend all 13 class sessions. However, one excused absence
may be accepted if the instructor is contacted ahead of time and permission given. Each additional missed
seminar can result in your grade being lowered a full letter grade (i.e. from A to B). It is your
responsibility to sign the attendance sheet to certify your attendance.
9. Cell Phone policy: Texting is not allowed in class. Students texting will see grade point reductions of
up to 1/3 a grade point per infraction.
Plagarism: Is not allowed. Be very careful about lifting text from web sites, etc. Cutting and pasting from
a web site is very easy to do and very easy for the instructor to identify. Papers with text cut and pasted
without attribution will receive an F.
Weekly reflections
Class Participation (inc. questions)
Field trip (s)
Final Paper
10 x 5%=
2 x 5%=
3 x 4%
1 x 28% =