Biology 101 Exam II Practice Exam of a different element?

Biology 101 Exam II Practice Exam
Changing the number of this subatomic particle of an atom would change it into an atom
of a different element?
Most of the unique properties of water result from the fact that water molecules have
what type of bonds?
Which chemical bond is the strongest?
Which of the elements occurs in the least amount in your body?
What makes a molecule a molecule? What is a compound?
What are the three subatomic particles found in atoms?
The smallest particle of matter you can have of an element is a?
An atom that has lost or gained electrons is called an?
Chemistry is the science that studies the properties and reactions of what?
How do we define matter?
The property of water to dissolve anything given enough time is referred to as?
The type of chemical bond where the electrons are shared equally between both atoms is
If an element has a atomic number of 27 and an atomic mass of 59, how many neutrons
are in each atom of this element?
What is the symbol for the element that has an atomic number of 74?
Which subatomic particle has a negative charge?
Which subatomic particle has a positive charge?
Where is most of the mass located in an atom?
Which property of water refers to its ability to stick together and have surface tension?
Which subatomic particles are located in the nucleus of an atom?
What is an isotope?
Organic compounds are those that are made by living things and primarily contain the
The name given overall to very, very large organic molecules is?
What do you call having small units linked together into a larger unit, like a chain, you
have a?
These smaller units, monomers, are linked together by the chemical process of?
Which class of large organic molecules includes the simple sugars?
Which class of large organic molecules includes those that act as blue prints for living
Which class of large organic molecules is NOT polymeric in nature?
The monomers of carbohydrates are also called?
The function of the majority of carbohydrates is?
An example of a polysaccharide is?
An example of a monosaccharide is?
Polysaccharides are polymers of sugars and can be up to how long?
Lipids are generally nonpolar, which makes them repel water. This is called:
What are the main categories of lipids?
Describe the structure of fatty acids?
When a fatty acid is referred to as saturated, this means it is what?
What are some examples of the neutral fats?
What is the one thing that makes phospholipids unique compared to regular fats?
Which of the following neutral fats are (moderately) healthy for you?
Sterols include several molecules, like the steroids. What else is a sterol?
Proteins are the most important class of molecules in our bodies because they include
these, which perform work in the body?
Proteins are polymers of smaller molecules called?
The monomers of protiens are joined together by a special bond called a?
What determines the function of a protein?
How many different amino acids are there in the human body?
The monomers of nucleic acids are called?
What are the two types of nucleic acids?
The backbone of a DNA molecule is composed of?
DNA is called helical, this means it is?
How many strands of nucleic acid is DNA?
Compare the structure of DNA to RNA.
What does DNA and RNA stand for?