Please utilize information you have or are able to research... of the analysis as you are able.

Please utilize information you have or are able to research in order to complete as much
of the analysis as you are able.
Madison College Challenge
Feasibility Analysis
The feasibility analysis for your small business concept should be presented in a
narrative/summary format not to exceed three pages, and should address the following
Part 1:
Name of the proposed business and key
Brief summary of the business, including
background information and the
problem/opportunity your proposed plan
Proposed legal form of business
Management/employee infrastructure
Product/service purpose, stage of
development, desirability, innovative,
Proposed facilities
Intellectual property or zoning constraints
Industry and target market attractiveness
Proposed competitive advantage
Marketing mix and penetration
Part 2:
Product/Service Feasibility
Part 3:
Market Feasibility
Part 4:
Financial Feasibility
Total startup costs and financing
Projected sales and income targets
Overall financial attractiveness of the
proposed venture
Key opportunities/barriers identified
Clear path to success
The required elements for this feasibility analysis are based on the individual sections of
the business plan template, which will be used for those applicants chosen to submit
complete business plans in the Madison College Challenge. Copies of the business plan
template and associated business plan scoring rubric are available under the Madison
College Challenge website, available through the A-Z index, at