Corporate Partnership – An overview

Corporate Partnership – An overview
Lockheed Martin Australia
As a responsible corporate citizen, Lockheed Martin Australia aspires to play an active
role in helping to strengthen the quality of life in our country and the communities
where we live and work. We strive to be a valued partner to our neighbours and our
nation’s interests. Through our Community Relations Program, Lockheed Martin
Australia primarily supports science, technology, engineering and mathematics
(STEM) education and military and veteran causes
Lockheed Martin Australia’s future success as an industry leader depends on the
constant supply of highly trained, highly capable technical talent. As part of our
efforts to educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians,
Lockheed Martin Australia’s approach to STEM outreach includes support for
programs, events and campaigns that focus on student achievement, teacher
development, and gender and ethnic diversity.
Lockheed Martin Australia receives numerous requests for sponsorship throughout
the year to support very worthy causes. The attached template will ensure that all
requests received are reviewed on their individual merit.
What to consider when applying for sponsorship
All sponsorship should reflect Lockheed Martin Australia’s brand positioning and our
status as a premium brand associated with products and services of the highest
quality in terms of service, knowledge and skill.
Branding and sponsorships
Our standard logo guidelines apply to sponsorship materials. For other branding
queries, contact Corporate Communication. Sponsorships with significant brand
impact should be referred to Communications prior to approval.
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Lockheed Martin Australia Partnership Application Form
Organisation name
Nature of business
Contact name
Contact telephone
Email address
Street address
Website address
Title of sponsorship
Dates of sponsorship
Location of sponsorship
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National or regional:
The Opportunity
Please provide a brief description of the sponsorship opportunity. Explain why you think the
sponsorship fits with LMA’s values/brand.
Your Organisation
Please describe your organisation.
Target Audience
What is the projected size and demographic of your target audience (please include any research
that supports your analysis)?
Please outline the history of the sponsorship (years running, past sponsors, past performance
Does a relationship already exist between LMA and your organisation? Please provide any
contact names?
What is the total cost of sponsorship offered to LMA? What is the level of sponsorship being
offered? Is LMA being offered exclusivity of the sponsorship?
What benefits will LMA receive in return for sponsorship support (include a timeline of dates)?
Is the sponsorship opportunity offered as a one-off program or does it span several years?
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What marketing, advertising and media activity do you have planned to promote the
Partnership structure
Will you appoint a dedicated account manager?
What are the key engagement events and tactics?
Does your organisation adhere to a values system? Does your organisation subscribe to diversity
and equal opportunity?
How will you report on the value that has been delivered to LMA?
Please email your completed form to [email protected]
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