Chapter 28 2 Homework Assignment Modern Art and Music 19.

Chapter 28 2nd Homework Assignment
Read pages 930 beginning at Modern Art and Music to 942 and stop at The Great
Depression, 1929 - 1939. Continue looking at the Pre WWII power point slides 11 through
1. How was radio successfully exploited by political leaders of the 1920s and 1930s?
2. Discuss the development of the film industry. What effect did it have on leisure
3. How did the development of more leisure time affect the postwar world?
4. How was mass leisure organized?
5. What sports and pastimes were engaged in by the masses in the 1920s?
6. Why did the Weimar republic refuse to pay their war reparations to France? How
did France respond?
7. What was Germany’s response to the French occupation of the Ruhr district? How
did France respond?
8. Who was ultimately responsible for Germany’s runaway inflation? Germany or
France? Explain
9. Who did the German citizens blame for the inflation problems?
10. How were the Germans able to find a compromise with the French?
11. Explain the significance of the Dawes Plan. How was this created in the best interest
of the United States? What did it do for Germany, Britain, France and the U.S.?
12. What was the significance of the Kellogg-Briand pact?
13. Explain Hitler’s first appearance in Germany? What were his motives?
Also, answer the two questions on page 941
Go to Google and click on images. Then type in The Great Depression or The Great
Depression of the 1930’s. Select a picture that interests you and print it out and bring it to