8/14, 8/15

8/14, 8/15
joan can you begin the experiment at 730 am tomorrow mr cooper asked or is that to early for you
8/19, 8/20
we was caught in a very bad storm we didnt see the better game of the world series
8/25, 8/26
i must of drank for cups of cocoa because i was so froze from skating on hidden lake
8/27, 8/28
dont that man own the breakers a new restaurant on the shore of lake pepin
9/02, 9/03
every summer the shakespeare festival is held in central park in addition musicals such as carousel is presented there
the charecters in millers play are based on real people tho in some cases miller combined several people into one
9/09, 9/10
the fate of each chracter miller explains was exactly that of the the historical model and their is noone in the drama who
is entirely fictitious
arthur miller saw a play for the frist time when he was boy and in his own words learned that there were two kinds of
9/16, 9/17
miller began wirting plays in college however his most succesful plays were completed when he was on his late 30’s
fear of communism the red scare had took hold of americans by the late nineteen forties congress established a
commitee to investigate the alleged conspiracy
9/23, 9/24
a religous revival started by british evangelist named george whitefield began around 1740 in the new england area
jonathan edwards a famous puritan minister entered yale before the age of 13 and graduated 1 st in his class
10/2, 10/3
the south is experiencing high humidity but dad insists that we go their for our vacation leo said
during the movement known as the great awakning jonathan edwards preached about a return to calvinism a strict form
of puritanism
10/07, 10/08
we have several objectives in reading the sermon by edwards but are most important will be to right guidelines for a
persuasive essay
in the opening paragraph of his sermon edwards calms that
every one is a sinner and deserve to suffer gods wrath
10/14, 10/15
tone is the atitude that a writer expreses toward his or her subject matter the tone of a piece of wrting conveys one or
more motions