CLASSROOM GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURES English Language Development 3 and English 1

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English Language Development 3 and English 1
Welcome back to English 1!
Essential Questions:
Throughout this semester we will be working with essential questions. These are questions that we will focus on as we
go through our reading and learning. Keep in mind that the questions are designed to make you think and although they
may seem quick and easy at first, the deeper you look, the more meaning you will find.
Identity: Influences and Relationships
What makes you who you are? What defines a person,
internally and externally? What influences your
Identity: Choices and Consequences
What influences choices?
What are the consequences of my choices?
How do my choices affect my identity?
Below you will find guidelines and procedures to follow in an effort to get the most out of this class. Read it all
carefully and have your parents read it so that they know what is expected of you in my class. Keep this document in
the front of your English notebook.
 Selected articles, poems, films and short stories
 The Odyssey by Homer
 Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
As a result of this course, you will be able to:
 Make proper use of English grammar;
 Maintain a supervised reading program;
 Identify the elements of fiction/poetry in a reading selection;
 Summarize and analyze key facts and main ideas in a reading selection;
 Conduct library research;
 Respond to prewriting stimuli;
 Pre-write, plan, draft, revise, edit, evaluate, and publish compositions (Jane Schaffer);
 Maintain a supervised vocabulary and grammar development program;
 Develop organizational skills through the maintenance of a class notebook and daily planner.
RESPECT for school, classmates, teachers, and self is the ONE rule for which you are responsible.
Whoever breaks this rule faces the following consequences:
1. Warning
4. Parent-Student-Teacher conference
2. Student-Teacher conference
5. Referral to the Dean
3. Parent phone call
ELD 3 and English 1
Mrs. Culp
 Complete all work and submit it on time.
 Late work will not be accepted unless previous
arrangements have been made.
 Points will be assigned to each assignment given.
 The following is a general grading policy:
o 5-25 points: One-day assignments, quizzes,
50-100 points: Longer classroom assignments,
100-200 points: Major projects, final exams
Grading Scale:
 A: 100% to 90% of total points
 B: 89% to 80% of total points
 C: 79% to 70% of total points
 D: 69% to 60% of total points
FAIL: Below 60% of total points
 Students are required to be in class on time daily.
o This means that he/she will be in his/he
seat ready to work when the bell rings.
Absentees must return with a verified re-admit in
order to receive make-up work.
Make-up work will be distributed, before or after
school, break or lunch. You will have the same
number of days absent to make-up the work.
Make-up work arrangements can be made by
contacting your counselor or me.
SSR (Silent Sustained Reading)
 Pick an interesting book to read daily.
 Bring it daily to class.
 Challenge yourself to read more difficult books.
ENGLISH NOTEBOOK (durable spiral plastic cover)
 You are required to maintain a notebook for English
which will be graded periodically.
See handout for specific guidelines of maintaining a
Being prepared to work is the first step to success. This is also
the easiest part.
You will need to bring the following materials to class each
 Pen, pencil, highlighters, markers, lots of glue sticks
 100 page spiral notebook (it will fall apart if it does not
have a durable cover)
 Assigned books/materials
 Paper, sticky notes, index cards (4x6)
 Daily planner
 Flash Drive/Google Drive Account
 Optional: Tablet
If you are ever in need of extra help, please ask me. I will be glad to make arrangements with you so that we may work
one on one.
Student Name: ___________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________
Parent Name: ____________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________
ELD 3 and English 1
Mrs. Culp