Found Poem Write #4

Grapes of Wrath
Chapter 7
Write #4
Found Poem
Read chapter 7 of Grapes of Wrath.
This chapter is essentially a “Found Poem” - fragments of language in the form of
conversations, signs, lists, descriptions, and commentary arranged in a way that creates a
living poem, a portrait in words, of the place and time that is the subject of the chapter.
Your task is to imitate the style of this chapter; choose a place that can provide enough
sensory “input” from which you can create a new, original found poem.
Spend some time in the chosen place making observations as you write down what you
see, hear and think.
Arrange the notes you take into an original, creative work, in free verse.
Here are some things to look for:
 Signs, posters, flyers, ads, graffiti
 Actual conversation (record pieces of conversation-not entire dialogue)
Caution: do not invade others’ privacy - get what you can without being
 Lists of things you observe, especially things that have some logical
groupings - like items for sale, different kinds of plants, makes of cars, types
of packages
 Descriptions of people
 Commentary - you personal observations about what you see.
Tips on writing your finished piece:
Repetition - repeating similar sounds or similar words can create a
rhythm that works in poetry
Lists - the idea of listing or cataloguing items to make a long list is a
technique used by many poets such as Walt Whitman, to create a sound
and a collective image
Research - look up technical names or brand names or words unique to
the situation you are observing; these technical words or jargon add
authenticity and authority to your observations.
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