Feel the Teal® Celebration Coastal Carolina University January 20, 2016

Coastal Carolina University
Feel the Teal® Celebration
January 20, 2016
Welcome & Overview
Time: 12:25pm
Time: 12:30pm
Service SWOT Feedback
Time: 12:40pm
Service SWOT Information
• 17 workshops
• 302 participants
• June 17, 2015 – January 20, 2015
• Beautiful campus layout and aesthetics of the grounds
• Feel the Teal trainings have improved service levels; culture has improved;
clear expectation levels have been set
• Teal Tuesdays is honored by more people
• Our campus is very welcoming and friendly
• Social media presence in the recent year (Brent Reser)
• CHANT411 (“Best thing to ever happen to CCU”)
• One Stop Shop approach (ex- Baxley Hall)
• Module #4 – History & Traditions (favorite training module)
• Freshman and Transfer Orientations provide amazing service and community
building opportunities
• Not everyone participates in Feel the Teal; faculty should have involvement and
participation; FTT should be required for faculty
• Signage around campus has gotten better but still needs to be more service
• Internal and external communication
• Technology is perceived to be behind the times
• Paperwork – signatures required, too many internal touches before projects
can be released
Weaknesses - cont
Food services & bookstore have a tendency to provide poor service
Silos and tunnel vision within departments
HR process is too lengthy
Policies – dual and outside employment, expenditure
Pay wages
The lack of parking; having to pay for parking
We say “Yes” too much and then take on too much; work overload
Incorrect information being passes on to external customers
We don’t have a spot on campus to take the CCU picture
Refresher courses with Feel the Teal after the first eight modules are complete
Expand Feel the Teal to students (especially #1, #3, #4)
Gain a more heightened Feel the Teal presence in community
Communication opportunity- when decisions/changes/updates are made,
communication could be improved by including the “why”
• Conduct exit interviews with students/employees leaving to gain a service
• Better communication from the top down
• State funding is reduced
• Lack of full-time staff and slotted positions
• The continued misperceptions about Feel the Teal Service Excellence (i.e., it is
just about students)
• Increased competition from other universities who focus on academic service
• Eileen Soisson leaves for whatever reason
• Feel the Teal loses its momentum
Presentation of Certificates, Gifts
and Pictures
Time: 1:00pm
Closing Remarks
Time: 1:30pm