Four Levels in Ally Development AWARENESS

Four Levels in Ally Development
It is important to become more aware of who you are and how you are different from and similar to LGBT
Strategies to do this include:
Conversations with LGBT people.
Attending awareness-building workshops.
Reading about the LGBT culture.
You must begin to acquire knowledge about sexual orientation and what the experience is for LGBT
people in society and within the campus community. You can do this by:
Learning about laws, policies, and practices and how they affect LGBT people.
Educating yourself about the LGBT culture and norms in this community.
Contacting local and national LGBT organizations for information.
You must develop skills in communicating the knowledge that you have learned. You can do this by:
Attending workshops.
Role play situations with friends.
Developing support connections.
Action is, without a doubt, the only way that you can affect change in the society as a whole; for if we keep
our awareness, knowledge, and skills to ourselves, we are in danger of becoming counteractive to all of the
work we have done towards becoming an ally.
**Source: Condensed from N.J. Evans & V. Wall, 1991.