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Subject: Letter with cover sheet
Tax Reform Panel:
Letter to Tax Reform Panel Chairman Mack. Please share comments with all members of
panel. Moderator can you please hit reply and let me know if letter will be submitted to
panel. I am hoping that it will even though it is a bit late.
With cover sheet.
Thank you
Michael McGuire
Los Angeles
March 18, 2005
Michael McGuire
5453 Norwich Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90032
Phone: (323) 225-4376
Hon. Mr. Connie Mack III, Chair
The Presidents Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform
1440 New York Avenue NW
Suite 2100
Washington, DC 20220
Dear Chairman Mack:
During the last 5 years or so I, like many others have been studying the Income Tax Laws. What I have
been finding out, is far from what I have been led to believe through out most of my adult life. I grew up
being told that I had to pay Income Taxes and fill out and file tax returns. Hopefully if I were lucky enough,
I would get a refund from the government. I understand now that this is mostly untrue. In fact, I firmly
believe that my government has deceived me in an attempt to take my money thru fraudulent and deceptive
means. Surly Chairman Mack, you will agree with me that the tax panel must adopt a position of truth,
honesty, and trust with the American people for there to be any meaningful tax reform. I am sure you will
also agree that the foundation of any income tax reform must adhere to strict interpretation of our
constitution, as well as the numerous Supreme Court decisions on tax cases. Since I, and millions of other
ordinary Americans believe we are not liable for the income tax, the panel should make it understood
whom the reform is targeted for. I am hopeful Chairman Mack that you will introduce the extremely
provocative evidence brought forth to the American people and its government by the considerable number
of tax researchers, CPA’s, tax attorneys, ex-revenue agents and IRS criminal investigators regarding the
written truth in the tax laws. You will move the debate significantly forward, Chairman Mack, if you give
the opinions of those involved with honesty in taxation the consideration they are long over due. I do not
believe that the executive branch can any longer afford to ignore the thousands of pleas to questions
regarding our tax laws. The American people are watching Chairman Mack and we are confident that you
and the members of the Tax Reform Panel will do the right thing. Good luck, and God Bless.
Michael McGuire
Michael McGuire
5453 Norwich Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90032
Phone: (323) 225-4376
March 18, 2005